Top 10 businesses that will make you millions of dollars

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10. Fashion design

 with the availability of creative geniuses and talents, a new breed of young entrepreneurs are leveraging of the inadequacy of new fashion designs on the market and they are making millions of dollars from it. The industry is about 15.5million dollars worth

9. Food processing

Lots of food are produced from the farms everyday from yam, cassava, fish, fruits, vegetables, cocoa, etc and all these freshly harvested food items need to be processed into a better edible or for storage for a longer period of time. some of the food items can be transform into another type of product so that it can look more appealing for everybody – such as cocoa to beverages. A product line can be set up to ensure that the fruit juices could be processed from oranges, mangoes etc, yam or plantain flour, corn flakes, pop corn, chips and the likes can be processed from the different farm products 

Real Estate

Real estate is a thriving business because people will always need accommodation. all you need to do is get an apartment(s) in a high traffic area where there are a schools, offices etc. once there is a high population in an area then there is bound to be demand for housing. Get a plot of land from licensed realtors so that you will not be duped. Get your property designed and built by experts so that will not loose money by trying to cut corners; use the right building materials. on completion of your house you could get a lawyer or an asset management firm to deal with your tenants so that you will avoid the hassles of tenants, if you cannot handle it.


Fintech is the acronym for financial technology, many firms such as Quickteller, Interswitch, Paystack, etc. have sprung up to aid the financial industry. they use technology to make banking easy for the customers by enabling the customer make transactions from the comfort of their homes or while in transit on a computer of mobile phone. if this software is setup and connected to any bank, then on every transaction, small charges are made by the fintech companies and this translates to millions considering the fact that most of these banks have millions of customers. if one invest in this business you are bound to recover your money very fast and make much more since is a business that will not cease soon but will grow more and more.


People will always need to move from one place to another, hence there will always be need to provide transportation systems to solve this problem. You could provide buses, taxi-cabs, planes, boats and other forms of transportation to aid movement of goods and services. This is a very profitable business though it needs a lot of commitment. The are issues bordering on trust and fleet management due to dubious drivers or managers but with the advantage of tracking technology and other modern solutions the problems can be solved. One you get a few vehicles/planes then you decide to either lease them to an established transport company, give it to drivers on hire purchase or manage them yourself. you can get my Ebook on transportation business for more details about this business.

Renewable energy

The use of solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy has been on the rise recently. It is high time  you invest the energy sector to make a lot of profit. Our company is currently setting up a solar farm to generate power for a community to give power in the day and a wind farm to provide energy in the night to certain communities who will in turn pay tariff for the electricity. Its capital intensive but the returns on investment (ROI) on the long run is very lucrative. Once you have an agreement with the community, all you need to do is build the solar or wind energy farms to feed electrictiy to the community and they will use intelligent prepaid meters to ensure that you charge appropriately for the energy consumed. Call our number 08036668400 to get the ebook and business plan for the business. banks will be waiting to fund this business as you will start recouping your money fast

PayTV (Subscription)

PayTV/cableTv/SatelliteTV is another avenue you can make money. The customers subscribe to your network on a monthly basis or on a pay as you use (PAYU) method. once you have gotten the required license from the relevant authorities, you order for your set top boxes or decoders which your customers will by and activate to watch quality TV. Then you go on to subscribe to satellite channels that already have programs which they will give to you regularly . Some of these channels are free as on the condition that you air their adverts. others you will need to pay and then get businesses to advertise with you and you make your money. It is a profitable business.

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