How to make money online

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Many people want to be netpreneurs and make money from the internet. In this era a lot of people are making this of cash online. Before you can make money online you need to have a product or service you offer online and know of a way to get traffic/buyers to offer you money in exchange for the service/goods.

The basic things to get in order to be prepared for online business are

1. Create or buy a product or service

2. Get a market to sell to and advertise your product or service

4. Sell, sell, sell

The moment you see online business bas a brick and mortar business also but without the employees, boundaries and high inventory the better your business will be.

Make a business plan and get started.

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Cheers to your success

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I am a tech entrepreneur, investor, public speaker and motivator with the aim of raising more millionaires with passive income making investments. In this blog I will be exposing opportunities that you can build and with the help of others build it to a continuous passive income generator

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