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Who doesn’t like some down and dirty affiliate fees?!

It’s even easier to make money this way than with an ebook, because all you need to concentrate on is pumping out the content for your own site and getting the traffic in – most people can get an affiliate sale within 30 days of starting a blog.

And hey, no need to mess around with a product.

Types of Products

But most of all, now you can make money from selling all kinds of products; other people’s info products, online tools and resources, physical products, books, etc!  Very cool.

Depending on the niche you choose, affiliate fees can vary widely.

Choose a niche

It’s best to promote products in niches where most of the players already have affiliate programs setup; eg players in the small business support niche all have affiliate programs setup, from the hosting providers, to the WordPress themes makers, to the teachers of online courses.

By contrast, promoting say fitness equipment can be much harder since most providers won’t have affiliate programs set up and ready for you to sign up to – or at least not setup in a very user friendly way.

To really succeed with affiliate marketing, it’s super important that your blog/website focus on a specific niche (e.g. juicing) and that you only affiliate for products in that area of focus (e.g. juicing machines, supplies, recipe ebooks etc), because your readers will trust your opinion and thus be convinced enough to be ready to buy – i.e. they will actually click through.

If by contrast you just did a general blog that covered technology, marketing and writing, you’re never going to get the thing moving traffic wise or conversion wise to do any damage.  With all this said, do make sure your niche has enough products to promote (i.e. 50 or more).

The best products to affiliate include digital products like ebooks or online courses (you get super higher percentage commissions, often 50% and more) and recurring online services (if they offer ongoing referral fees, e.g. hosting, gambling etc).


One more little tip I like on making money with affiliate marketing, is to move a lot of your affiliate links off your website and into things like free ebooks, email autoresponder etc.

This not only helps your site appear less spammy in Google’s eyes, but visitors are far more likely to click on links in free helpful resources that they’re enjoying / trusting (and they’re not feeling like they being sold).

Promoting your affiliate site

Post in other sites and ensure that you write catchy post that includes links to your blogs or if allowed your affiliate links. This external post and links will help to propagate your site to more readers.

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