How to start a Youtube channel without being on camera

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YouTube is one of the most attractive business models on the internet. People make tons of money from YouTube. If you don’t want to always seen on your videos then you can do the following;

1. Screenshare videos (reviews, informative, tutorials, etc)

This is very useful if you want to show people how to do something instead of only talking about it. You will be using your mouse and screen to show them how to do the things. Easy video suite is one of the higher-end software, a free option is screencast. Camtasia can also be used to capture screen displays

2. Record gaming

Some YouTube users record and upload video/computer games to YouTube. An example is brad channel where people record themselves playing games. You can use software tools to record PC games to record and upload the games or show it live play on YouTube. Xbox can also be streamed via windows to YouTube

3. Animation videos

Another example is animation videos. YouTube users make short animated videos of about 30secs to 1 min and upload it with their voices as voice overs or with voice over experts can be consulted. You can also learn how the animation is made and create your own. Here you will not use your face but the animation will represent you. An example is youngentreprenuer

4. Music videos (lyrics, album, art, etc as visual)

Someone can do lyric videos or art covering on the album while music plays on your background. But there are copyright issues so you can have some problems with monetization. So you need to be sure that you do not infringe on copy rights when doing this.

5. Post your Podcast (use podcast art, picture of guest or yourself as visuals)

You can create audio podcast for your audience and then place the audio on YouTube with the face of the guest as the image on the video. An example is Tim Ferris show, he shows his face only with the guest and plays the audio on the background. You can use Movavi video editor to create the videos

6. Have other people acting

You can get other people to talk on your behalf in your channel. Your guest can talk on your behalf or an event can be shown life but you never show yourself. The people you use can be expert presenters or just some friends that are confident of themselves

7. Do videos of your pets

Show videos of your pets as they play or do funny things and post them on YouTube. But whatever you do make sure you do not break copyright rules which are found in YouTube copyright laws

8. Make videos of you unboxing products

Make videos as you unbox toys e.g. look at Fun toys collection and toy reviews channels and you will see how a YouTube user makes six figure incomes from millions of viewers and subscribers who love watching her channel as she unboxes new products

9. Do videos of you repairing cars or building something

Videos can be created on professional skills such as computer programming or car repairs and this video posted on YouTube for your audience to learn how to solve their everyday problems. An example is ericthecarguy channel on Youtube that teaches people how to solve their car problems without spending money on the mechanics. You may never show your face but just your hands doing the work.

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