6 Internet ideas that Pay the most in 2017

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6 Internet ideas that Pay the most in 2017

1. Freelancing

Your skills and services can give you money by working online. You can go to Upwork.com, fiverr.com where you will help people with graphics design, web development. The better you get and the more skilled you become and the more reviews you get will give you more clients

2. Online courses

These are extremely high profit online businesses because people don’t want to go and spend much time learning. All you do is sell courses on udemy and skillshare without having to build your website. You can charge 100 to 1000 dollar on the course. You can also sell on clickbank, but you need to host it on your own site course clickbank.com will refer people to your site by using their affiliates

3. Profile and domain flipping

All you need to do is buy a site at a cheaper cost, make it better and sell it. Get to godaddy auctions and sell the domains that you have bought modified. Sometimes its just the domain name that buyers want. You will make a lot of money on the domains such as 50, 000 dollars per domain. You can also go to flippa to buy and sell domains, websites and apps  also. Try selling your social media platforms on viralaccounts.com. People that need a lot of followers will buy from you.

4. Code products (software, themes, plugins, apps etc)

You can make or code your product and sell to make 100% of your money. Sell on codecanyon, envatomarket. You can also sell the apps and games on amazon underground and get paid based on the usage of the app. You can also sell on Google play, apple store. These are digital goods and doesn’t need an

5. Software services (automation tools, marketing funnel builders, email marketing tools, etc)

If you have programming skills then build automation software for businesses or other uses to help people do things without having to do it themselves physically. It also called Software as a Service (SaaS) Eg. Buffer.com offers software services installations Getresponse.com handles email marketing and promotions. IFTTT.com also charges a monthly fee to use their services.

6. Personal coaching and consulting

From your years of experience you may offer your time to help people get better with their lifes directly either using skype or phone etc. people pay you to help them lose weight, e.g. Projectlifemastery.com, you can check how to sell your skills on LinkedIn, or follow frankkern.com and signup for his emails and he will teach you how to market any product. You can also sell on fiverr and upwork.com but it is better for you to have your own website

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  1. babony
    | Reply

    I’ll love you to explain more on site flipping

    • Emmanuel Udoiwod
      | Reply

      This is when you buy a domain name and keep until when people who actually need the name decide to pay you with interest for that particular domain name. You resell domains and sometime even a complete website that has a large number of followers. eg $100 biz to make $500

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