10 Online Business Ideas With Lots Of Time and Freedom

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8 Online business ideas with lots of time and freedom

Here I will explain to you about 8 best online business that will give you time and freedom without inventories and employers

1. Affiliate blog

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The first of the best online business idea is an affiliate blogThis is a website that gives information about any topic of your interest but at the same time you include affiliate links on the site so that once someone buys anything from your site, you make some good commission. You can start with no money.

An example of such sites include Smartpassiveincome are a similar sites that has the links.  You should mostly endorse the products that you use so that it looks more genuine. Also there should be a disclaimer in case of legal actions.

The steps to follow are:

  1. Build a free site with blogger.com, wordpress.com, wix.com, weebly or a paid site
  2. Get affiliate links from Amazon, Bluehost, Aliexpress, Clickbank. Register with the company’s site and get your affiliate link

2. YouTube channel or other video channel


Another best online business is a starting YouTube channel. You don’t have to sell anything. Just make your videos and upload them and you will be paid per view. How to start is by registering with Gmail and get your YouTube channel and show the video. You can add referral links in the   YouTube videos and make commission. Go to settings and  monetize the channel

3. Sell courses online

This is good free money but you will be busier as you need to prepare the courses on video. You put courses online and people buy and download the courses and study without you having to sit and teach them directly. It can be in marketing, web development, coding, computer applications, crafts etc. You can sell on Udemy, skillshare and these companies get commissions after selling it for you. This is a very good online business opportunity.

You can get people or affiliates to sell it for you using websites as clickbank.com, create your products and place on the site then ask people to promote for you as they sell and make commissions

4. EBook publishing

This is also a very good online business. Amazon is the best place to go and sell a book. All you need is to write your book and charge a minimal price then amazon will sell it and give pay you up to 70% royalty. This online business pays well if you publish regularly

You don’t have to write a big book, even a small book can give you a lot of money e.g.” It works: the famous little red book that makes your dream come true” is only 28 pages but it has made the author a lot of money. Make sure you use the keywordtool.io/amazon and other keyword tools to help you know the topics that people are searching for most. You do not need to even write the books yourself, you can get writers on fiverr and iwriter to get your books written at a small fee which you can own and sell to get 100% of the profit

5. Artist/Designer:

You can create art works and sell it on etsy.  Etsy is a platform that sells peoples products, other sites include jumia.com, konga, jiji etc . These sites will sell it for you and give you the money for a little commission. They can sell the physical or digital version of the product

6. Ads business


You can create your own blog with ads, an example is Entrepreneur.com, lindaikejiblog. Also use Google AdSense to get some share of their ad revenue. In addition soliciting for private ads from individuals or companies will get you good income.

7. Referrals

There are companies that have products and all they need is for you to be their affiliate and advertise your referral link on your site or refer people through your social media links and once a customer purchases or downloads things from them then you get referral commissions. Put links to apps on your website so that when people download the app, you get a share of commission. Take a look at “swagbucks.com” and other referral programs

8. Investing


You may need a larger capital for proper investments, therefore you should start with the smaller businesses or jobs and save money until its large enough to invest. You  can invest in the stock market, index fund or real estate. Read Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins to get more information about this.

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  1. Raymond
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    Nice article….butall the above mentioned business ideas needs little capital is you wanna take each of them serious and make six figures monthly from them

    • Emmanuel Udoiwod
      | Reply

      All businesses need capital in one or the other either time, labour, cash etc.

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